Cost Savings

With the constant changes occurring in the healthcare industry in America, whether they are from your local municipality, state legislature, or our federal government, it is a daunting and often expensive task to keep up with the changes happening in the medical care coverage sector. Unfortunately, this daunting task is often left to the HR departments of larger firms and municipalities and ignored by some smaller entities entirely resulting in significant costs as well as potential legal exposure. ParrishShaw works tirelessly to protect and educate your team on the ongoing changes within our industry and keep you one step ahead of your competition when it comes to employee satisfaction and HR efficiency. Between our involvement in keeping your team abreast of new industry developments and working diligently from within your existing coverage process to unearth potential efficiency improvements, ParrishShaw and our EMAP program is constantly striving to show a strong return on investment to your firm while concurrently giving you the peace of mind that your employees, HR team, and insurance carrier are all working seamlessly together with the assistance of our experienced consultants, advocates, and staff.

Services and Goals

  • Saving your organization hundreds of work hours by engaging directly in the communication process between your HR department, your insurer, and your employee to assess any systemic issues that may exist which are inhibiting information flow or slowing coverage.
  • Improving the efficiency of worker’s compensation and self-funded organization’s third party agencies by acting as a liaison between parties thereby speeding up the coverage process and significantly reducing the cost of convoluted communications and disgruntled employees seeking coverage.
  • Ensuring that the dollars spent on one of your largest annual expenses, your healthcare coverage for employees, are maximized and your employees are receiving the treatment, care, and consideration that you pay such a high price to provide.
  • With one of the largest reasons for employee departure from firms being inadequate  insurance coverage for themselves or their families, your costs of turnover and training are significantly reduced as your employees see that you have implemented EMAP to give them and their families peace of mind in a time of crisis.


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