Custom Specialized Follow Up

Constant payer in-services covering billing trends and changes, government team specialization, state-specific Medicaid cross-training, and staying ahead of the policy curve for upcoming governmental changes to billing methods are all part of being a member of the ParrishShaw recovery team. We put our employees through regular and rigorous training sessions concentrating mostly on hands-on applications and roleplaying to ensure that they are prepared for any challenge that you may face and send their way. As your third-party billing agency, it is incumbent upon us to be prepared for any challenge the moment that it becomes overwhelming for your in-house team.

Services and Goals

  • Medicaid recovery and credentialing trained team members for all 50 states.
  • Cross-trained collectors for all commercial and managed-care payers
  • Highly experienced Medicare team members who are constantly trained on the new trends and regulations released by CMS
  • Low-dollar project specialists steeped in maintaining timely filing deadlines on newly placed accounts, and maximizing ROI on low dollar thresholds.
  • A project management team who is constantly prepared to change the focus and direction of your project based on your changing needs and challenges of the moment. 


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