Employee Retention

Injuries, accidents, and illnesses can occur at any time for your employees and their families. By partnering with ParrishShaw and providing our advocacy services to your employees and their families, you will show your team that you are supportive of their needs even in the most adverse of conditions. By providing a knowledgeable and supportive advocate to your employees during these trying times, you will experience improvements in employee retention as your employees are able to navigate the medical billing process with as little stress as possible. As ParrishShaw Advocates facilitate the communication process between the patient, the provider, and the insurance carrier, your employees will return to work faster and will have greater confidence in the medical coverage that your firm provides. 

Services and GoalsEmployee Retention

  • Assist employees and members of their immediate family with the trying process of medical billing and insurance coverage.
  • Instill your employees with confidence in the medical coverage that they have through your company by assisting with appointment scheduling, in-network coverage, and interpreting explanation of benefits and medical bills.
  • Provide your employees with the peace of mind that not only do they have a representative that will discuss their medical insurance issues, but also those of their immediate family members, regardless of whether they are covered by your insurance plan.
  • Maintain an active and comprehensive Electronic Medical Record for each participating employee for the entire time that your firm is partnered with ParrishShaw. These EMRs are available to your employees at any time by contacting their Advocate at ParrishShaw. 


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