What is the company’s history, structure, and philosophy?

How do you protect your clients’ professional reputations and how many professional medical providers/facilities have you represented in your company’s history?

What hospital billing systems has your firm worked with?

What does this means to our clients?

How are you paid?

Who are your employees and where do you get them?



What is the company’s history, structure, and philosophy?
ParrishShaw is an S-Corporation owned entirely by Julie Shaw Noel. It was established in 1992 and has been successfully recovering health insurance benefits due from third party payers since. We have always specialized in the recovery of medical insurance benefits, including active accounts receivable follow up, denied claims in need of appeal, and aged accounts receivable in need of a final adjudication. By focusing 100% of our attention to the resolution of healthcare claims, and having over 150 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, we easily outperform our attorney-based and collection agency competitors.

ParrishShaw is a diverse company with several specialty departments within our organization. We are comprised of 38 employees, and housed entirely in 6000 square feet of a commercial office building in Houston, TX. We are also contractually assured additional space in our building for any future expansion we require. Our Houston location allows us the luxury of a large and experienced “potential employee pool”. Houston is host to one of the largest medical centers in the country that employs and trains a large number of medical related field staff. ParrishShaw also maintains the highest level of new employee quality through our position on the Southwest Board of Directors for the Everest Institute. We find that the training of future health care management and collections personnel not only rewards the industry as a whole, it also affords us the opportunity to retain the very best and brightest students as ParrishShaw employees.

Our team consists of medical claims examiners, nurses, auditors, and support personnel with a combined experience of over 150 years. Many have been with ParrishShaw for over 10 years. Our client retention rate is reflective of this employee loyalty as we have remained partners with many of our clients for over 15 years.

ParrishShaw’s philosophy is to create and provide a level of personalized service by building a relationship with you and your staff. By doing so, we are able to maximize your returns on third party insurance receivables with

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How do you protect your clients’ professional reputations and how many professional medical providers/facilities have you represented in your company’s history?
Our entire staff strictly adheres to the highest level of professional behavior and customer service. We are constantly aware that our professional reputation and our clients’ reputation are at stake. We have represented over 100 different facilities over the years and have never had a formal complaint from a patient or a client.

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What hospital billing systems has your firm worked with?
ParrishShaw has extensive experience in the following hospital patient accounting, billing, and editing systems:

  • Hospital Patient Accounting/Billing Systems
    • McKesson STAR
    • McKesson HealthQuest
    • MediPac
    • Meditech 5.4 Magic
    • Meditech 5.5
    • Meditech 5.6
    • Epic Merlin
    • CPSI
    • Affinity
    • IDX (Multiple Proprietary Versions)
    • Siemens SMS Sorian
    • Siemens SMS Invision/Rumba
  • Hospital Billing/Editing Systems
    • SSI
    • E-Premis
    • Quadex
    • Xactimed
    • Ivans Lime – (gives full access to every Fiscal Intermediary in the country allowing broadband access to Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.)

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What does this means to our clients?

We will not interrupt the daily workflow of your patient financial services department.

We obtain our own supporting documentation.

A customer service representative is assigned to your company.

A ParrishShaw partner is involved throughout the relationship between our organizations.

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How are you paid?
In order to provide the best service possible, ParrishShaw bases our compensation on a contingency rate, which keeps all parties focused on the same cash goals. The rate structure for any project is based on the information given at the beginning of the project, our past experience with similar projects, and all necessary materials and electronic access being provided to ParrishShaw that are required to complete this project to perfection. We do not charge any “additional fees” our contingent fee represents the only charge for all of our services.

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Who are your employees and from where do you hire them?
ParrishShaw employs several bilingual Support and Insurance Claim Specialists. We take great pride in being both an enjoyable and exciting workplace for our employees. Currently, over half of our employees have been with us for five years or more, and our retention rate for new hires is extraordinarily high. A large part of ParrishShaw’s success stems from our ability to provide a healthy and productive work environment for our employees who, in turn, provide an unparalleled quality of service to our clients. Our goal is to maintain the most well trained, skilled collections staff in the industry. Initial and ongoing training at ParrishShaw is supervised and implemented by the Quality Control/Training Officer. Statistical analysis of collector performance and accuracy drives a flexible, continuous training process that begins with the ParrishShaw Collector Training Manual. Collectors new to ParrishShaw are given extensive training including peer-reviewed practice with training scenarios. In addition to initial training, regularly scheduled workshops in a variety of collections-related subjects are offered to all collectors from the newest to the most senior.

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