HR Relief

Day after day our clients inform us that one of their largest drains of HR resources is answering the questions posed by employees regarding medical procedures and the subsequent bills and explanation of benefits that they receive. ParrishShaw’s advocates will relieve the pressure placed on your HR departments by fielding the EoB and coverage questions of your employees long before they reach the desks of your HR representatives. We also provide the opportunity for your HR team to source the employees’ questions to our toll-free phone number in order for them to speak to a local representative instead of your HR staff. ParrishShaw strives to provide your employees with the information that they need as quickly as possible so your Human Resources Department can concentrate on their various other important responsibilities and maintain a high level of productivity.

HR Relief Services and Goals

  • Provide employees with an experienced representative who can discuss and assist them with understanding any explanation of benefits they may receive, and any remaining balance that may remain on their account which may be their responsibility.
  • Empower your HR team with a toll-free number where they can refer employees to ParrishShaw in order to answer insurance coverage or other medical billing questions.
  • Give periodic feedback reports to your HR department regarding systemic issues with medical coverage or employee issues. Our management team will set up optional phone or on-site consultations to educate your HR team on reoccurring coverage questions that our team is experiencing in order to assist in the education of your employees and future new hires.
  • Relieve your Human Resources team of the time sink and high stress that accompany fielding phone calls from previously or currently injured employees who are experiencing problems with their coverage, their provider, or their medical bills. 


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