Maximize Revenue

From low-dollar AR follow-up, to nagging Blue Cross denials, to ballooning Medicaid aged balances,  or staff shortages due to turn over or conversions, providers are forced to deal with myriad insurance accounts receivable issues while balancing a very tight budget. ParrishShaw recognizes these challenges and our skilled and courteous team works as a supplementation to your staff either temporarily, until you can handle the workload in house, or permanently on account profiles that are less cost effective for you to keep in your billing department. Our goal is to maximize your revenue and ROI while assisting you and your team with identifying systemic billing issues that could be easily corrected earlier in the billing cycle. 

Services and Goals

  • Supplement your existing in house team with skilled collectors and certified billers and coders in order to ensure your cash flows exceed your expectations.
  • Create a customized team of collectors at ParrishShaw that are skilled in the payers and systems that are specific to your challenges. Medicaid, Medicare, specific collections systems, managed care challenges, and high volume low-dollar projects are all carefully considered and provided experienced staff members who can attack your issues immediately and show strong cash flows in both the short and long terms. 
  • Customized ad hoc reporting specific to your project provides various views and statistical perspectives on your project in a time frame that you determine. From productivity reports showing our team’s actions on your claims to performance reports providing a detailed, project-wide statistical analysis of payers, dollars, age, and reasons of resolution, ParrishShaw is dedicated to providing high-quality analytics to you and your team when you need them and how you need them.
  • Maintain high levels of staffing flexibility to be always alert for future challenges that you may face. ParrishShaw acts as a “safety net” for your insurance AR over the life of our relationship with ebbs and flows of needs for our services being perfectly natural and expected. We maintain a constant state of readiness to play a role in challenges you face at any time you find yourself needing our help.   


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