Medical Bill Assistance

Whether it is your employees or their immediate family members, ParrishShaw and our experienced team members will work with patients through the arduous and confusing red tape of medical bills and explanations of benefits from their insurance carriers. From creating a comprehensive electronic medical record to assisting the patient with understanding their financial responsibilities for their treatments, our Patient Advocates work tirelessly to make sure that the patient’s financial responsibilities are clear and organized so they can concentrate on what matters most… their healing process.

Medical Bills

Services and Goals

  • Provide employees with an experienced representative who can discuss and assist them with understanding their medical insurance coverage, any explanation of benefits they may receive, and the various steps involved in getting the proper treatment that they need.
  • Ensure that providers are coding the employee’s claims correctly and that the charges that the patient incurs are correct and proper for their treatment.
  • Maintain a complete set of Electronic Medical Records pertaining to employee injuries for as long as you remain a client of ParrishShaw. These records are accessible only by the patient and their designated providers, but allows for efficient follow up medical care for your employees.

Consult with you and your HR team regarding systemic billing issues experienced by your medical insurance carrier, thus providing you with data to make sure your employees are receiving the coverage that you are paying the insurance carrier to provide.


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