Patient Bill Negotiation

Even if your employees have the very best insurance coverage, there are bound to be remaining balances after coverage that are the financial responsibility of the patient. At times, these remaining balances can be very significant and financially strenuous for your employees and their families. ParrishShaw’s skilled advocates will work with your employees to find out what their budget can handle as well as negotiate with the hospital in order to build a custom financial solution that benefits both the providers of our community, by ensuring that they are compensated for services, as well as for your employees, by tailoring a negotiated payment plan that fits with their household budget.

Services and Goals

  • Provide employees with an experienced representative who can discuss and assist them with understanding any explanation of benefits they may receive, and any remaining balance that may remain on their account that may be their responsibility.
  • Ensure that providers are coding the employee’s claims correctly and insurance carriers are paying the claims correctly to ensure that remaining balances are not due to administrative errors in the coding or bill design.
  • Coordinate with the hospital and the patient to create a negotiated custom payment solution that fits within the budgetary constraints of your employees and their family.


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