Process Improvement

With every project we take on, be it with a municipality, major corporation, or small business, it is always ParrishShaw’s goal to improve the insurance coverage process for our clients and their patients. Whether we are working with your HR department with information flow issues between your carrier and your employees or educating your employees directly about the coverage process for their families, ParrishShaw is always seeking ways to improve your insurance process efficiency. Instead of your HR department being constantly bombarded by individual issues and case specific problems, ParrishShaw can handle these challenges and provide valuable feedback to you and your HR team on the systemic issues we have uncovered and how we can collaborate to improve your coverage process.

Services and Goals

  • Engage directly in the communication process between you, your insurer, and your employee to assess any systemic issues that may exist which are inhibiting information flow or slowing coverage.
  • Provide valuable insight directly to your HR team regarding process improvements which would allow for proactive changes in process and policy resulting in speedier coverage decisions and a more transparent experience for your employees.
  • Assist your organization with educating employees and incoming employees on their rights and specific insurance coverage that may be offered by your firm.
  •  Relieve your Human Resources team of the time sink and high stress that accompany fielding phone calls from previously or currently injured employees who are experiencing problems with their coverage, their provider, or their medical bills. 


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