WC Bill Assistance

ParrishShaw will assist employees through the challenging regulations, laws, and processes involved with appropriately adjudicating worker’s compensation claims without the employee needing to trouble your HR department with questions and concerns. We will work directly with the patient, their various physicians and providers, and the worker’s compensation carrier in order to facilitate the most efficient way possible to get the employee the treatment that they need while remaining compliant with all Texas worker’s compensation laws and regulations.

Workers Compensation

Services and Goals

Provide employees with an experienced representative who can discuss and assist them with understanding their worker’s compensation benefits, their rights under Texas law, and the various steps involved in getting the proper treatment that they need.

  • Act as a screener to make sure that claims that are the responsibility of your worker’s compensation carrier are routed properly, and all others are billed to the patient’s medical insurance.
  • Maintain a complete set of Electronic Medical Records pertaining to employee injuries for as long as you remain a client of ParrishShaw. These records are accessible only by the patient and their designated providers, but allows for efficient follow up medical care for your employees.

Consult with you and your HR team regarding improvements in process, provide insight into new laws and regulations, and facilitate lower costs and higher returns from your worker’s compensation investment.


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